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First Agro's Zero Pesticide TM produce is a great way to reduce your exposure to contaminants commonly found in fresh vegetables grown using conventional agricultural practices in India. First Agro produce contains high levels of many nutrients including vitamins and minerals. The products are tested periodically and are conforming to CODEX (WHO food safety requirement). For more details, visit: www.firstagro.com

Mr. Narayana Reddy, a 52-year-old Bangalore farmer, owns eight acre farm, diversified, well managed and based on ecological principles and is a legendary organic farmer. In addition to growing organic products like Elaki banana, chikoo (Sapota), pumpkin and coconut, his farm is a living institute training students and growers teaching them organic way of farming.

For more details visit: http://www.agriculturesnetwork.org/persons/82217

Shakya Organic nature farm: managed by Mr. Prasad, having decades of IT experience but engaged now in bringing nature living to us. He grows organic vegetables and fruits and offers them at attractive prices if plucked in his farm itself, which is located 35  km from HAL old airport in Hosakote - Chintamani road.  The ripening of  mangoes are done in a natural haystock and NOT USING CARBIDES OR CHEMICALS. Prasad is ably mentored by Mr. Narayana Reddy.

HOPCOMS - The Horticultural Producers’ Co-operative Marketing and Processing Society Ltd has the objective of establishing a proper system for the marketing of fruits and vegetables; one that benefits both the farming community and the consumers. It also ensures quality supply of fruits and vegetables. 

Namdhari's Fresh grows most vegetables throughout the year in their own field farms and in their green houses (5 ha) using the knowledge acquired in their seed company. Namdhari follows the EC prohibition list for chemicals strictly. It is mandatory for growers to keep records of substances used and the Namdhari’s Fresh team follows this up in order to ensure a safe product, which can be traced back to its source. For details visit: http://www.namdharifresh.com (including certification)

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