Healthy options for Bangaloreans !

Combining traditional farming values, contemporary technology and an undying spirit, First Agrois creating a new wave of growing fresh produce in India. Applying the best global horticultural practices, we’ve eliminated harmful toxins & pesticides, ensuring fresh, clean & nutritious produce for your family. Catering to the taste palate of our consumers consistently & efficiently, we are First Agro, your local & dependable fresh produce company.

First Agro has adopted Codex Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Pesticides Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) as part of its production. MRLs for pesticides have been established by World Health Organization (WHO) Codex to ensure that consumers are not exposed to unsafe levels of hazardous and toxic materials. Please click on Zero Pesticide produce FAQ document for details.

Today’s customers in the information age are discerning, savvy and demand quality food. They are more health conscious than ever before! First Agro assures you of premium produce at the highest level of quality and assured food safety.As a partner to this healthy revolution, Direct To yoU® is pleased to co-work with First Agro to bring the best healthy produce to Bangalore customers, with traceability back to the farm’s Batch and Lot numbers in production.

When you buy First Agro produce, you are assured of food safety for your loved ones and peace of mind for a healthy future ahead!

ID Title Desired Text Download
32 CropInfo - Mobile App The CropInfo App provides Production Technology of commercially important Horticultural crops on your smartphone! For every crop, we have attempted to provide production aspects, post-harvest technology, processing possibilities and market information. This is the probably the first India-specific app providing production practices of cutivable crops. Content is now available in Kannada & English. CropInfo is an App specifically developed for students & faculty of Agricultural & Horticultural Universities, Subject Matter Specialists & Extension Officials of Agriculture & Horticultural Departments, Private Sector Professionals, Farmers and anyone interested in cultivation of crops. For your feedback for improvement please write to <>. Download / View doc
33 Best practices in Kannada - Beans (Hurulikai) The best guidance from GKVK for growing beans. Note: please rotate pages in case of viewing problems. Download / View doc
34 Best practices in English - Capsicum - Polyhouse The best guidance from GKVK for growing Capsicum. Note: please rotate pages in case of viewing problems. Download / View doc
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