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  1. The terms and conditions enlisted here is considered as the ‘User agreement’ signed between the guest or registered user who register with the site, www.directoyou.in and DTU® for utilizing its services.
  2. All shoppers have to become a guest user or registered user by providing their information requested in the site. Providing correct information will ensure the communication and or deliveries reach them without fail.
  3. By registering with the site, you are entering into an agreement with DTU® as per the terms and conditions given here.
  4. The information provided, if not found to be correct, true and authentic, DTU® reserves the right to reject the registration and impose restrictions in usage of the site in future.
  5. The guest user or registered user by way of registering in the site also grants DTU® the permission to send information related to the site (price list, order and invoice, promotional information) in the form of SMS to their cell phones.
  6. The personal information obtained from guest and registered users will be used as per the Privacy Policy.
  7. The site, www.directoyou.in would be available to only selected geographies in Bangalore, India.
  8. The site is not to be used by anyone who is under the age of 18 years that includes the use of information or purchase of any items offered for purchase using the site.
  9. By way of registering with the site, you will agree to the use the site and transact with the site by complying with applicable laws. You also agree not to engage in activities that interfere with the normal functioning of the DTU® or the users of DTU® or that amounts to any unlawful / fraudulent practices.
  10. As a guest user or registered user, you may have a limited access to make personal use of this site except to download the contents and not for commercial or resale. However, downloads or contents can be used for your personal use with a written consent of DTU®.
  11. The name, acronym and logo of the site, DTU®, Direct To yoU® are registered trademarks and cannot be used with as such or in a modified form.
  12. The descriptive information of the site provided for the fruits and vegetables are for guidelines and not a prescription to use the fruits and vegetables. The guest or registered users who have a history of ailments shall consult their dietician or doctor and confirm the details before using the fruits and vegetables. The benefits and other effects are solely at your discretion and not to be attributed to DTU® in any way.
  13. The images of the fruits and vegetables are example representations and are not to be used for any comparisons or claims with respect to the delivered fruits and vegetables
  14. The minimum order to be placed is for Rs. 150; the system doesn’t accept orders less than this purchase value.
  15. There are no delivery charges for the purchases crossing Rs. 300/-. However, if the purchase value is less than Rs. 300, then a sum of Rs. 25 will be charged towards delivery charge.
  16. Fruits and vegetables being perishable items and considering the nature of price fluctuation in the market and other environmental conditions, the prices may change on a daily basis also. However, only the billed amount as per the order placed will be collected from the guest or registered user irrespective of the price fluctuations.
  17. Considering the perishable nature of the fruits and vegetables, the guest or registered user is not allowed to cancel the orders once submitted.
  18. The deliveries as per the order will be sent to the user’s address as given in the information provided during the registration. In case the user is not available at the address at the time of delivery, the delivery will be brought back to the stores or distribution center. The user has to pick up the delivery at the stores or distribution center.
  19.  DTU® takes good care of providing quality fruits and vegetables to the guest or registered users. It is essential that the users check the vegetables and fruits supplied against the bill and sign the duplicate bill for receipt of the vegetables and fruits in good condition, quantity and quality. In case of any complaints, the relevant items will be replaced. Once accepted, no complaints will be entertained at a later point.
  20. The feedback, comments, suggestions made by you should not be violating any copyright or policies or trademark or privacy of any third party.
  21. The feedback, comments, suggestions made by you will be considered for improvements of DTU®’s service. DTU® reserves the right to modify, derive the contents to its benefit and you agree to make no claim for the feedback, comments, suggestion and the improvements achieved from the same, be it qualitative or quantitative.
  22. DTU® reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions without any prior notification to you. The revised terms and conditions come into effect immediately from the date and time it is published in the site.
  23. By registering with the site, you agree to the above terms and conditions and assure DTU® and that you will comply with the same by frequently reviewing the site.
  24. Any terms of differences arising out of the services provided by DTU® will be discussed and settled amicably. In the event of any arbitration, the same shall be sorted out under the Jurisdiction of Bangalore.
  25. You can terminate this user agreement by not using the DTU® services any more, with a request to remove your registration with the site. Upon the termination from your end, you will ensure that all pending payments of the already processed orders be settled.
  26. On the same lines DTU® can terminate this user agreement thereby denying your access to this site. However, any pending payments on the already processed orders have to be settled by you.
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